Peripatetic Policy

Cockburn John Charles Academy

Reviewed by: Governors

Date of Policy: September 2018

To be reviewed: September 2019



Cockburn John Charles Academy offers peripatetic lessons on a wide range of instruments. These have a large impact on the department, developing the instrumental skills of students but also promoting resilience, confidence and independent learning. These skills not only support extra-curricular activities in the school but also assist students during curricular lessons ensuring progress over time. At KS4, these peripatetic lessons are instrumental to the progress of students in performance.

Lessons are heavily subsidised by the school and in order to be able to do this, students are expected to make progress and contribute to the wider life of the school. The requirements of this and further information are documented in the ‘Peripatetic Policy’

This document explains the peripatetic policy fully and attempts to answer any issues that may be raised.



Instrumental lessons are offered on Brass, Woodwind, Drum Kit, Guitar, Electric Bass, Vocals and Piano.

Students need to have access to an instrument to practice in between lessons. These can either be used in the department or a small number of instruments are available for hire at a cost of £10 per term.

Students must practice in between their peripatetic lessons. Failure to do so will result in contact with parents/carers and if necessary, school sanctions with be followed.

Lessons will take place in the music department on a rota basis. Times will rotate every half term and timetables will be available to view in the music department. It is the student’s responsibility to check the times of these lessons each week.

It is an compulsory that students who have peripatetic lessons contribute to extra- curricular where appropriate and when students are deemed to be an appropriate standard. These performances may include but are not limited by:

  • Choir (Compulsory for vocalists)
  • MADDfest
  • School Shows
  • Open Evening
  • Graduation
  • KS2 Transition days
  • Lunchtime concerts
  • Wind Band

Students, when at the correct standard, will be entered for graded exams e.g. ABRSM, Rockschool, Trinity. These above Grade 5 count towards UCAS and above Grade 6 count towards school headline figures and progress 8. This will be discussed with the pupil where applicable. The cost of these must be covered by the student but funding may be available for those students in receipt of free school meals.

Peripatetic teachers write a termly report on student progress.

Failure to attend lessons


Instrumental Tuition Charges

Progress on an instrument can only be made through regular attendance of lessons. If a student fails to attend a lesson without good reason, an hour detention will be issued. Failure to attend 3 lessons will result in a letter sent home to parents. Failure to attend 5 lessons will result in a letter being sent home and the student being withdrawn from lessons with no refund offered. The school behavior policy will be followed where appropriate. To monitor this, a weekly register will be taken by peripatetic staff and this will be monitored the music Subject Leader.

Students may be taught individually or in small groups depending on ability. This may change throughout the year depending on progress made. Students will receive a minimum of 30 lessons per year which will last 20 minutes. Students are expected to be prompt to these lessons to ensure maximum time utilised.

Payment for lessons is required in advance of lessons commencing. For yearly payments, this must be received at the start of the Autumn Term. For termly payments, a payment letter will be sent out at the end of the preceding term, payment must then be made by the first day of the new term. For weekly payments, payments need to be made to the office on the morning of the music lesson. Failure to do so will result in lessons being suspended. Payments may be made by cheque (made payable to Cockburn John Charles Academy), cash or using parent portal online.

The cost charged to students covers the cost of the school employing a fully qualified teacher. The school subsidises lessons currently by 75%. The school reserves the right to amend these when necessary but any changes will be communicated fully to parents. The full cost to parents should be £300 per year however the current charge for the 2016/17 academic year is £75.00. This works out at £2.50 per lesson.

A reduction of cost by 50% is applicable to those students in receipt of free school meals. At KS4, students identified as pupil premium will receive free peripatetic lessons. This is subject to change.

Notice needs to be given in advance of any student wishing to discontinue their instrumental lessons. This should be given in writing to the music Subject Leader before the start of a new term. This gives the school enough time to adjust the timetable and fill the available slot.



All students are entitled to receive instrumental tuition however priority is dependent on a range of factors:

All students having peripatetic lessons in year 6 will get priority when arriving at Cockburn John Charles Academy to continue these. All students wishing to continue must sign up at the new intake evening with a member of the music department.

Current students receiving lessons at Cockburn John Charles Academy will automatically continue these into the next year unless the music department has been notified otherwise using the correct channels.

Any students wishing to start learning an instrument when starting Cockburn John Charles Academy from year 6 will need to sign up on intake evening and these requests will be accommodated wherever possible. If Cockburn John Charles Academy are unable to accommodate these students, parents/carers will be notified in writing and they will be placed on a waiting list.

Any current students at Cockburn John Charles Academy wishing to start peripatetic lessons must first check the availability of the instrument. If there are available places available, the following will be required:

  • Copy of Peripatetic policy posted on the website
  • Parent/Carer declaration sent home and returned with a signature
  • Payment for either the term or the year