Mental Health Week 2018

Academy staff have been highlighting the importance of mental health to our students this week, particularly in our pupil support unit where students created their own posters in which they promoted mental health and what approaches that people can use to help support other peers that may experience a range of different emotions.

We remind all of our students and their parents that if you feel the need to reach out for some support for any issues that may be affecting you it is vital to do so. Please follow either of the links below for more information and guidance.

The first link highlights stress and how we can cope and manage this as this is the main topic raised for mental heath awareness week this year.

The next link will take you to the ‘mindmate’ website. This is a useful website that helps provide resources related to young people’s social and emotional needs. Useful tips and advice are also provided here. The website is also useful for health professionals and parents, especially if they are wanting to seek advice.