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Cockburn John Charles Academy is an academy which is a member of the Cockburn Multi-academy Trust whose focus is on each individual, acknowledging both their rights and responsibilities. Teaching and Learning drives an ambitious curriculum that seeks to stretch and challenge all students through academic rigour. A strong care, support and guidance structure supports learning throughout the school.

Our vision is to create opportunities within and beyond the curriculum to enable each student to become confident, independent and successful citizens in modern Britain. Through dedication and hard work our students will have a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. We widen the aspirations of all students, to help them to reach destinations that are ambitious and fulfilling. We value the arts, both as part of the curriculum and as part of the school’s extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programme. We have high expectations of academic success and discipline and believe that these are best achieved in a caring environment.  We promote respect and good manners; these are fundamental to our school based on our shared Values and Expectations. We recognise the importance of each individual and the school’s place in the local community. We aim to promote lifelong learning by developing creative, independent and reflective learners. We believe in the equality of opportunity and in celebrating success for all.

 The School Agreement

We will provide:

  • a safe, secure and well-disciplined working environment
  • a broad and balanced education
  • opportunities for all students to achieve their maximum individual potential
  • a high standard of teaching
  • access to high quality learning resources
  • work suited to the student’s age and ability
  • regular opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • regular targets to help students to progress
  • a Form Tutor to monitor the student’s overall progress including supervision of the school planner
  • sensitive handling of any individual needs the student may have
  • regular information about individual student’s progress and about school activities
  • opportunities for contact with students’ Form Tutors
  • a detailed termly progress report and bi-annual Progree Review evenings for consultation
  • a wide variety of extra-curricular activities
  • a variety of external visits including overnight stays and engagement with employers and workplaces
  • prompt response to parents/carers as soon as possible about any concerns about attendance, behaviour or academic progress
  • a commitment to maintain high standards of behaviour and appearance from students.

The Parent/Carer’s Agreement


  • ensure your child attends the school on time every day during term time, unless he/she is ill
  • inform the school promptly about any absences and/or changes in personal details
  • take no extended family trips or holidays during term time
  • inform the school of any concerns that may affect your child’s progress or behaviour
  • encourage and support your child’s work completed in school
  • encourage and support your child with extended learning tasks and independent reading at home
  • support the school Positive Discipline for Learning Policy
  • support the school Dress Code and Mobile Phone/Other Devices policy
  • provide your child with the correct uniform and equipment for school
  • check and sign the school planner each week
  • attend Subject Surgery evenings and any special appointments if requested
  • pay for the replacement of any equipment, books or school planners your child loses or wilfully damages
  • support the policies of the school
  • support your child in participating in extra-curricular activities, work experience placements, trips and residential visits.

Online activity which we consider inappropriate – ‘Think before you post’:

  • We ask that social media, whether public or private, should not be used to fuel campaigns and voice complaints against the school, staff, parents/carers or students and bring the school into disrepute. Do not use social media to publicly challenge school policies or discuss issues about individual students or members of staff. Please support the school’s approach to online safety and do not deliberately post comments or upload any images, sounds or text that could upset or offend any member of the school community.

The Student’s Agreement

 School Expectations: Positive, Polite, Prepared, Punctual, Pride

I will:

be punctual and prepared by arriving on time to school every day

be punctual to registration and all lessons

be prepared by wearing the correct uniform and comply with the dress code at all times

be polite and give letters/information from the school to parents/carers and return replies promptly

be prepared by using the school planner to record homework

be prepared for learning by taking all equipment including kit needed to lessons

be positive by taking an active part in lessons and learning

be positive by taking an active part in the school life including clubs, teams, trips, residential visits, performance work and work experience

be prepared by revising for and attending all examinations

be prepared by completing all extended learning activities and coursework or project work

take pride in my learning, the work I produce and my school environment.


School Values: Resilient, Responsible, Aspiration, Independent, Respectful

I will:

behave responsibly in the school and travelling to and from the school

behave responsibly by not bringing to the school anything which is dangerous, illegal or against the rules

be respectful by following the school rules and behave according to the school Positive Discipline for Learning policy

be respectful of school property, community and environment

be responsible and respectful when using the school facilities, including ICT and online learning

be respectful towards other students

be resilient in lessons when work is challenging

be resilient in lessons by completing activities to the best of my ability

be independent by completing learning activities and coursework or project work including reading outside of school

be aspirational in my learning to reach the highest goal.

In accepting this agreement, parents/carers and students are also giving the school consent for a number of essential activities that allow us to provide an outstanding provision including:

  • the authorisation of emergency medical treatment
  • Data exchange with local authority, government exam boards and other relevant organisations approved by the school
  • the use of photographs/videos of students for publications and publicity
  • the collection and storage of data to support Teaching and Learning and administration
  • the use of a biometric thumb print for cashless catering system
  • taking students out of school during the timetabled school day.

 As part of this agreement, parents/carers, staff and students are reminded that the school is a strictly non-smoking establishment.

Working in partnership with parents and carers is important to us.